The cosmetics industry is making great strides towards an approach that is more respectful of the environment and animal welfare. In this quest for sustainability, COSMOS NATURAL certification by Ecocert Greenlife is a seal of authenticity, testifying to a brand’s commitment to ethical and responsible practices.

This certification, issued by the control body Ecocert, guarantees total transparency in the composition of cosmetic products, thus contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

Conditions for obtaining COSMOS NATURAL certification for natural cosmetics

To obtain COSMOS NATURAL certification, brands must undergo a rigorous assessment process. The criteria cover several aspects, from the selection of ingredients to the final production of the product. Key requirements include the use of natural, organically grown ingredients and compliance with strict environmental standards throughout the production chain. In addition, certification requires total transparency in labelling, enabling consumers to clearly identify the composition of each product.

Value of Cosmetics Certification: quality assurance in natural cosmetics

Respect for the environment

COSMOS NATURAL certification promotes the responsible use of natural resources and minimises environmental impact. By opting for organic and sustainable ingredients, brands contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Animal welfare in our cosmetics

Certification guarantees that COSMOS NATURAL-certified products are not tested on animals. Consumers who are sensitive to the animal cause can therefore make their purchases in complete confidence, supporting practices that are respectful of our four-legged companions.

Health and safety in each product

The natural ingredients used in COSMOS NATURAL certified products are carefully selected for their effectiveness and safety. Consumers can rest assured that the products they apply to their skin do not contain any potentially harmful substances.

Transparency and trust COSMOS

Max & Florence, aware of the importance of quality and respect for their customers, have chosen COSMOS NATURAL certification as the standard for the development of their cosmetic products. This decision reflects their commitment to transparency at every stage of production, giving consumers greater confidence in their choices.

Market leadership

Brands that achieve COSMOS NATURAL certification position themselves as pioneers in the cosmetics industry. They respond to growing consumer concerns about sustainability and ethics, which can lead to increased customer loyalty.

Natural cosmetics increasingly sustainable

In conclusion, COSMOS NATURAL certification by Ecocert Greenlife, carefully chosen by Max & Florence, represents a real step forward for the cosmetics industry towards more sustainable and responsible practices. Consumers aware of the importance of their choices can now trust this certification to guide their purchasing decisions, helping to create a beauty market that is more respectful of the planet and its inhabitants.

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